Volcano National Park and Rainbow Falls Tour

Duration: Approximately 5 1/2 - 6 Hours

Picks up at:
     Hilo International Airport
     Hilo Pier
     various Hotels in Hilo

     Children 0-2             Free
     Children 3-12          $70.00
     Adult                          $85.00

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**Availability for May 23, 2018 at 1:00pm-6:00pm.

Cost: 85.00/pax

Please book online or any question to contact Cindee at 808-934-9187 at hawaii time 08:00am-14:00pm.

If you want to see the power of an active volcano and the natural beauty of a waterfall than this is the adventure for you!

As your journey unfolds you will see breathtaking views of volcanic activity, the relaxing majesty of waterfalls, and sweeping views of natural beauty it is easy to understand the appeal of the islands. This tour encapsulates all of the interesting natural wonders Hawaii has to offer with some "must see" tourist destinations to make this an all encompassing experience.

The tour starts with a drive through Banyan drive "Hilo's walk of fame" and Liliuokalani gardens. On the way to a rainbow falls the tour goes through historic Hilo town where our driver's will go over anecdotes and events to entertain and inform. Rainbow falls is picturesque and is named for the rainbow that forms from the mist of the waterfall. Next is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where the black lava fields is a stark contrast of the lush vegetation seen previously. Be inspired with historical and educational stops like Thurston Lava tube, natural sulphur steam vents, and the Jagger museum situated at a lookout to the Halemaumau crater with views of volcanic activity. 

The perfect end to this fun filled tour is stops at Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Company, Akatsuka Orchid gardens, and Big Island candies to get sweet confectionary treats and souvenirs.

Rainbow Falls
     Lush forest perfectly frame the cascading falls that some believe is home to the Hawaiian goddess Hina.

Thurston Lava Tube
    Created by lave hardening on the surface but continuing to flow underneath this cave is truly a wonder to traverse.

Halemaumau Crater
     Surrounded by solemn lava the glow of volcanic activity is truly something to behold.

Local scenes
     Often overlooked is the journey, see the vegetation of native rainforest, refreshing beaches, and desolate lava fields.

Black Sand Beach
     Years of crashing waves have turned lava into black sand and a popular sun bathing spot for local marine life.

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut
     See the orchards of Macadamia nut trees as you make your way to the visitors center to enjoy a sweet treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
     Make sure to wear closed toe shoes
     Pants are recommended

What do I need to bring?
    Water bottle
    Sun tan lotion or other protection from the sun


Where does this tour go?
     The tour stops at Queen Liliuokalani Gardens, Black Sand Beach, Rainbow Falls, Hawaii Volcano National Park, Jaggar Museum, Halemaumau Crater Overlook, 1982 Lavaflow, Thurston Lavatube, Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory, and Big Island Candies. We try to keep to our scheduled stops but sometimes outside circumstances affect the tour, e.g. volcanic activity, inclement weather.

 How long do the stops at each location last?
    Our average stop is roughly 30 minutes with longer stop times at key destinations. Our tour guides try to personalize each tour by listening and responding to guest feedback while touring.

How physically strenuous is this tour?
     To fully enjoy the tour it requires full to partial mobility.

When does the tour pick up?
      It picks up at around 9:30 am at Hilo Pier, after pick up at the hotel is at approximately 10:15 am.