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Hilo Volcano Tour - $75/Person
Our daily tours usually start from the Hilo International Airport, the Hilo Pier, or from hotels on Banyan Drive, all located on the Eastside of the Island of Hawaii. Some of our guests prefer to have us pick them up from the Banyan Drive hotel area. Either way, our friendly tour guides would be happy to accommodate your needs. The tour usually begins sometime between 8:30 to 10:00 in the morning. Hotels are located on the Waiakea peninsula. You may elect to come in a night earlier or spend the day exploring wonderful Hilo town.
Liliuokalani Gardens
Located adjacent to the Banyan Drive hotels, on the coast of the Pacific, this scenic park is named after the last monarch of Hawaii. Don’t be fooled by its name, this garden is built in a Japanese fashion, reflecting the heavy Japanese cultural influence here in the islands.
Black Sand Beach
Formed by lava entering the ocean. Black sand beaches abound on the Island of Hawaii. Near downtown Hilo, we find a black sand beach that also has a large amount of Hawaiian Diamonds (olivine) content.
Rainbow Falls
Fed by the Wailuku River (meaning “destroying water” in Hawaiian), this waterfall is about 80’ high. When the sun’s beams shine through the mist thrown up by the cascade, behold the rainbow. View the spectacle from a vantage point right below a huge mango tree, or take the short walk upstream to another larger mango grove. Wailuku River is 18 miles long, the longest in all of Hawaii.
Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Farm
The most popular snack of Hawaii is undoubtedly the macadamia nut. This farm is owned by the largest of the mac nut companies. The orchard spans 2500 acres with 250,000 mac nut trees as well as a factory. Take a lesson in nut processing with the aid of video presentations while viewing the actual nut preparation facilities. Hungry? There is a gift shop right across the parking lot complete with samples of assorted flavors nuts, chocolate covered nuts and cookies among others. Stop behind the gift shop for some Chocolate Macadamia flavored ice cream before you leave.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park*
This park is over 200,000 acres of nature unlike anywhere else on earth. It has recent acquired another 100,000 plus acres though access is not yet available. Though we list the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as just one stop, it is the focus of our excursion. We will enjoy lunch right at the edge of the Kilauea Caldera with an excellent view of the half mile wide Halemaumau Crater. After our meal, our adventure resumes along the Crater Rim with these stops.
Thomas A. Jaggar Museum
Exhibits of volcanic geology and mythology
Halemaumau Crater
Legendary home of Pele, the fire-goddess
September 1982 Lava flow
Get a first-hand look at some of the newest rocks on earth
Thurston Lavatube
Talk stroll through a tropical rainforest and a Hawaiian cave.
Akatsuka Orchid Gardens
The Island of Hawaii is also known as the Orchid Isle. There are over 25,000 different varieties of orchids in the world, some of which are unique to Hawaii. The Orchid Isle is also one of the biggest producers of orchids in the United States. Feast your eyes on the over hundred varieties of orchids that are in bloom all year here
Departure Time:
Duration of Tour:
  About 5 hours
Return Time:

* You will not see live flowing lava on this tour.
For cruise ship passengers: We do pickups and drop offs at the Hilo Harbor where you'll be docked. Pickup times are typically 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours after your ship ties off. We will get you back to your ship about an hour before it leave. We have never had a cruise passenger miss his/her ship.

Hilo Volcano Tour + Akaka Falls - $100/Person (minimum 8)
This Tour includes all of the above and the Akaka Falls Park described below .

Glorious Akaka Falls, where water tumbles 420 feet into a stream-eroded gorge, is considered a "must see" on the Big Island.
A pleasant, moderately challenging half-mile loop takes visitors through a lush rain forest of philodendron vines, wild orchids, bamboo groves and hanging heliconia. The 100-foot Kahuna Falls come into view first, and they are impressive. But Akaka Falls, laden with ferns, are breathtaking.

On you way to Akaka Falls, experience the lush rainforests of the Big Island's Hamakua Coast.

Departure Time:
Duration of Tour:
  About 6-7 hours
Return Time:
Big Island
-- kona
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